Inca’s Cafe original name was La Esperanza Restaurant to honor the owner’s mother and chef as a young visionary full of hope and dreams. Established in 2003 under “La Esperanza Restaurant” but later changed to Inca’s Cafe, we are a family owned and operated restaurant dedicated to providing authentic flavorful  Peruvian and other South American dishes in a tastefully intimate setting. Our dining experience offers a relaxed delightful atmosphere that combines a taste of the food, art, culture, music and everyday living that is perfectly suited for an important business meeting or family occasion. At Inca’s Café our guests will literally have a taste of Peru and much more, so come and experience the gourmet of the Incas!!!

In their cooking chefs blend the ancient recipes of the Incas with the foods and techniques of the Conquistadores and those of the later Italian, Japanese and Chinese immigrants to Peru. The result is a cuisine that is tasty, exotic, and good for you, too! Of all of the Latin dining experiences in the Dallas area, Inca’s Café is unique for our attention to authenticity and originality. Our food reflects not only our “Latin” locale, but also invokes the rich and rustic flavors of Peru. Savor the best of Inca’s Cafe delectable personal recipes, every one perfected with the utmost care and respect for tradition. We hope you'll explore this website and learn more about the flavorful South American food we are proud to offer you.
We would like to thank our wonderful patrons for their loyal support over the years. Our patrons bring in customers from all over the country to provide their guests with an elegant tasteful dining experience, and we are happy to deliver. We are very proud to be a part of and serve the North Texas Community.